The Big Pony Polo Shirt Designer fashion business too far?

Big Pony Polo is worn on both the PGA and LPGA golfers. Polo seems to have decided to use the professional golfers start the avalanche of advertising to promote the latest fashion lines Polo. But I wonder this is an ego trip or is fashionable to have a large polo player on left chest. I guess the ideas are becoming increasingly scarce for Polo fashion debacle last year. This new trend may tbackward a boost in the design, Ralph madefamous.

I am for my part, a big fan of Big Pony Polo, but I still wonder why they decided on their logo at three times the size. There is advertising at its best, and signs of new meters to be seen. I wonder. If they lose market share? If you do not make the same amount of sales a decade ago. And 'no doubt, if you are wearing polo is not just a fashion statement, it is also the world that you say can afford luxuries like that. What isI asked.

With millions of jobs sent abroad, and since the mid Polo pushed sales to new heights a decade ago. Polo is trying to capture buyers in their adulthood and early teen. It would be hard to imagine the shirt for me, a 50-year-old sailor with a large crest on the Polo. After all, 50 years who want to delight you with your fashion sense.

It only makes sense, I tried Polo, a piece of the market that coverlost in recent years. And take this piece of cake to go with a strong and proud. I'll have to wear the polo big pony? Absolutely, I love Polo. I have to pay extravagant prices you can find in local stores? Probably not, as I have time to shop online and have delivered my clothes for me. It helps me to save energy and keeps me from climbing into my gas guzzler.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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