A Baby Shirt fabric color

I was recently invited to a party Storch and wanted a special gift for the child who is about to be born to take, without breaking the bank in the process. I came across a nice white shirt and brown shorts. I decided to do a little 'something special painting on fabric for T-shirt I chose an African design, but any other work is just fine.


A white T-shirt for a child ~ I bought one from a child for 3-6Months.

water erasable pen to draw a design on light blue t-shirt.

fabric paint in two colors: brown and orange.

A fine brush.

Some sheets of white paper.

Iron and ironing board.

The design for the project:

1. Before the project color, wash the shirt in cold water to remove the material and size. Do not add fabric softener.

2. Let dry completely and the shirtIron is easy to remove wrinkles from the material.

3. Draw a design on the front of the shirt, blue water erasable pen scanner. I chose the imprint of a lion ~ but any building can be used.

4. Add a few clean sheets of white paper between the front and back of the T-shirt so that the color does not smear on the back of the shirt.

5. To paint the largest footprint in the brown substance. Use the color of pureto form.

6. Allow the paint to dry before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

7. Make an aqueous mixture of brown and orange fabric paint and used this color for the background.

8. Also, leave the paint to dry before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

9. Add a caption that phrase is part of the project. In this case, I added the words "Born 2 B Wild." Finish by adding a decorative border around the design.

10.Let the paint dry.

11. Put the iron on T-Shirt 's recommended maximum heat and iron on the back of the shirt.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt T-shirt

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