The choice of the right to print T-Shirt Equipment

DT is probably the most important part of any T-shirt printing business. Without a quality model, to find your final prints missing colors and / or clarity. It 's very important to evaluate both the heat and pressure of your transfers. Choosing the right heat press for consistency throughout. So what are the options?

For the absolute beginner and those with room to consider is the type of Clam Press is a good choice. It has a small frame, soIt is not expensive, in your living room. The next step is to swing the press, a revised draft. This pressure improves the speed and accuracy, allowing easier access to the T-shirt printing.

If you're looking for mass production, he loves to invest in a pneumatic press. These machines are more expensive but they work more efficiently with the precise application of heat and pressure. Companies like Target and Xpres transfer offer should be completeHeat presses.

Once you press a quality heat, the next step is to invest in a printer is available. And now you're faced with the question of gold – ink-jet or laser?

Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages of the printer. inkjet devices are now much cheaper than their laser counterparts. The advantage of inkjet printers is to produce light in color with vivid contrast. The disadvantage is that the ink can be expensive. The texture of the printing of an ink-jet inkseveral shirts that were printed in trade

You can accept a bit 'less professional, cost structure, in exchange for a reduced rate until light and color? If so, is a brand of inkjet printer for you.

Laser printers, on the other hand, are used to produce prints that will last for a much longer period of time known. Are not blessed with the same color light output, and are also more expensive.

The big incentive is that the laser printing substanceretains a natural look. In other words, do not feel as if you have a design on it, has been pressed. For the professional edition, this is very interesting.

In terms of brands, you will notice that the major brand printers (Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson), a printer in their area that meets your needs.

For dye sublimation printing, you need to invest in another type of printer – along with special paints. Xpres produce its own brand of sublimation Sublimation PrintingInks. These are provided specifically for the warmth, the feeling that the process of sublimation requires. E 'can buy a cheap printer from a vendor, such as Epson, and the use of sublimation, you should use it for your purposes.

Finally, if you are a factory option in vinyl are interested, you need a power cut. This can be quite expensive, but a good knife is essential for your success in vinyl Market.

Roland Stika and offer a wide range of cutting plotters from the absolute bottom of the market – usually for the fans – for those who require huge 24-inch sections.

Of course, if you're going to be focused on T shirt printing, it is not necessary to cut wider dimension. should meet a cutter with a range of 8 inches to your basic needs – provided that it is not in the dip-XXXL market!

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