Add your design for a T-Shirt

Today, software programs and to make simple techniques, designers can turn someone a T-shirt. By following these simple guidelines you can increase your skills on a T-shirt printing expert, given that you have never worked in a company T-shirt. creating an organization's environmental theme T-shirt, while cleaning the local park to add a new look for the 'football game for your kids this weekend, making your own t-shirt canexciting and truly artistic experience for all involved.

You hear others say that it is something simple and fun to do for a special event, but do not have the confidence to pull off. Well, it's time to think about that may not be able to explore this type of artistic expression as an adaptation of the clothes are really fun and extremely easy to stop, even if you fail the first time, there is always room for improvement. All you need are some regularHousehold items, such as an iron and ironing board, a white or light colored T-shirt, a clear dry pillowcase, your choice of stone, some pieces of white paper, scissors and a few sheets of transfer paper, You can buy your local craft store. These are all the materials needed to successfully complete the project T-shirt.

You can start with designing your photo with one of the programs in the computer memory, or you canChoose from a variety of designs ready for use in the image database software that you choose to use stored. Create by copying and pasting the image is printed on a paper blank page and the size of the icon, so it fits the screen and this does not happen the limits of the government document. For extra impact, you can add text to your photo. If you do with your children is a smart idea for your favorite photo of your child or a collection of print and made them the type ofThe colors they want on their T-shirts illustrate 's. The term "best friends", for example, can be placed over the image itself or put into circulation each other to create an effect of "personal". Pay attention to the color you use to express how you want it to be visible if you want to print. Group image and text together, so you can move at the same time and then flip the image horizontally grouped to create a mirror image appearscorrectly when ironed on t-shirts.

Then it's time for the actual transfer. Print the project you just created on the transfer paper. Allow the transfer paper in a safe place to dry completely, better to follow the paper specifications for the manufacturer. After the image dries, scissors to cut the excess paper, a thin ¼-inch margin around the printed surface of life. Preheat the iron on the hottest setting and surface preparation to testPress the design on your shirt. First, put a pillow on the surface and the iron, so as to remove any wrinkles. Then put the shirt on the pillow and iron too. paper transferred to the printed surface of the t-shirt that you want to appear there, and iron for 2-3 minutes. Move the hot iron from the corners toward the center and be sure to press with 50 pounds of pressure. Then your T-shirt to cool beforetried to remove the paper from the surface. Ten minutes later you can remove the card, the other by the t-shirt with one hand and peeling the paper from one corner with the ending. It's so easy! So, try this easy to do T-shirt printing project the next time gift to surprise someone with a thoughtful and I'm sure your efforts will be upset.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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