Fashion stratification for girls and boys

Cool T-shirts will be Cooler

Most T-shirts are just begging to be layered. First layer T-shirt with each other. This is particularly hip with a t-shirt on top. Cry layered with your favorite polo, long sleeve T-shirts, shirts and sweaters in the summer. Being in front of your audience and layer t-shirt (for girls) with cool tanks and Camis. The color is often the key, so do not be afraid of many layers of colored T-shirts (but no more than two people in aNow, please.) Reduce bulk (unless you're out of need) and keep your layers light or lighter fabrics T-shirt. Another tip is to keep the first layer a bit 'easier in theory you wear overhang. If, after a sporty look (even if it were not so athletic), try including long-sleeved T-shirt or a funny vintage T-shirt. Sleek long black is great underneath (not on a hot summer day, of course.) Throw a look for some options.

Tanks and Camis Rock in layers

If the reservoir level under a layer, choose a thin-gauge tank. Boys and girls can wear a thin tank well in almost everything, especially the depreciation and button polo. Girls, one eye on the girls while wearing a super thin tank (check the buttons from time to time to avoid unwanted overexposure.) And you might want to choose a heavier weight on duty. If you are particularly trendy girls is possible the level of your Tank or cami over a t-shirt (long or short sleeves.)

Start at the bottom (for girls only please)
Stratification forget our plans for a moment. Want more cool to be cool and you're already using the technology of queen? So we start with the floors then. Select some wear with leggings under shorts with smooth belt or a tiny mini skirt. Sounds perfect for the trip to the amusement park or a pizza. Do not forget your T-vintage> T-shirt and comfortable ballet!

For Ultimate Appeal a layer knitted sweater

There are a few geek girls and boys! The geeks have when it comes to knit sweater. Summer-weight sweater West may be an element of cold stratification for the season. Layer your sweater over a shirt or stylish t-shirt for a razor sharp jackets, stylish and casual look. Triple layer with a shirt, t-shirt and vest on cooler days. Avoid too much detail and preppykeep your cuffs unbuttoned, or perhaps rolled up and unbutton all the buttons at the top.

Play with your Polos

Layer beneath the pole or a level above the pole? Which do you prefer? During the sportier, bolder polo a sport coat, jacket or blazer with a minimalist print or fabric pattern is best. Over a classic polo, you can take a bit 'more exotic, with the design of Topper. Under his pole, the sky is the limit. We want to see peep color to color, not necessarilyperfect color matching. Keep the T-shirt with smooth and thin. Go for long or short sleeves. These are the things!

Kick it up a notch: He shrugs, cardigans and sweaters

Dress things up a bit 'with the layers under the shrug, cardigan or sweater for more formal occasions. class family events, appointments may be ideal for research work for this style of layering. Choose your joy and the layer including a T-shirt and classic tailoring. Here it is usually best to keep your neck and Cuffs under control and stay for a clean, classic look. Gals, sound a bit 'too stuffy for your taste? Try layering a shrug, or pseudo-cardigan-top over a t-shirt or vest sexy. Guys, you choose a funny t-shirt (or intellectual) here and place it under a sweet cardigan and the recipient of many compliments.

Whatever your fancy layering, you have to move, although not consistently, at least occasionally, with at least one layer of t-> T-shirt found here at We have a wide range of t-shirt, individual T-shirts, funny t-shirt, the thought of T-shirts, funny t-shirts, vintage t-shirt and fancy T-Shirt! There is now no excuse for layer in the correct way, elegant and unique.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt

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