T-Shirt Printing – Design Software Guide

In this sense, we have the guidance of the software with a fast T-shirt screen printing, to help identify and buy (or free!) The best T-shirt-printing software Let's start with some free options and working up professional design software to print.

Web Based Design:

Many services print your T-shirt now offer Web-based tools for the selection of T-shirt fabric and color, and then load and composeown designs on these shirts before printing. Of course, you still need to create your own design for the upload, but the complexity of the message is carried by the service provider. Check websites such as: Street Shirts Zazzle Examples of these programs.


A powerful vector graphics package Adobe's perfectly capable of complex and precise T-shirt design. Vector Art is ideal for building scalable imagesespecially for logos and enormous pressure, but it is also very suitable for creating accurate designs for screen printing. The use of vector graphics, the pressure ensures that your shirt is always precise and clear, regardless of size.


Part of Illustrator, Photoshop two. CorelDraw is a vector drawing program with great ease and is able to export files in formats for printing and perfect accuracy of the screen and DDGP. While he CorelDrawthere was the shadow of an illustrator for many years, making it the previous iterations of the software when it comes to higher DDGP and design for screen printing, custom t-shirt design.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt

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