Like a shirt in a solid hour Transform!

Tools Needed:

1. A plan for T-shirts / shorts (preferably cotton)
2. A number of tissues Pentel Fun Pastel Dye Sticks (markers or wax sticks)
3. The model design desired and image
4. A granite Pencil / Chalk
5. Greasproof wax paper / paper / baking paper

1. Tighten the T-shirt on the desk or floor

2. Use tailor's chalk or a pencil granite only slightly to draw the desired image orDrawing on t-shirts

3. When you are satisfied with the design outlined * (if you can draw freehand, see section 8), just go over the crayon drawing with crayons fabric.

4. Outline drawings with crayons fabric easy, then go over the project to get about 2-3 times in a final product more colorful.

5. If you make mistakes and redo the design, simply wash the material to 30-40 ° C to remove the design.

6. When you are satisfied withthe finished drawing / image set, the t-shirt on an ironing board and place a sheet of baking paper over the shirt design. Iron for 5 minutes at the right temperature for the fabric.

7. You're done! Now, wait for the cool shirt you can wear. Cleaning after the wear will not be a problem because the heat is already fixed design.

8. You can not draw freehand? Do not worry! Follow these steps to make stencils:
(I) Finding arelatively simple pattern or the image of comics and print it on white paper
(Ii) place (make sure the paper is attached to the box with tape or paper clip or attached to prevent it from slipping during cutting) is recycled paper with the design printed on a piece of cardboard
(Iii) to cut with a knife or scissors, to run on the board, so that a cardboard model
(Iv) Tape the cardboard model on T-Shirt
(V)Are you willing to use the template, simply use to create the fabric crayons, which the desired image or design on the stencil!

More great ideas:
(I) after heat setting of your shirt is complete, you can choose to add embellishments to others!
(II) can be sewn sequins or buttons, can not sew? Then just use white glue or hot glue gun shirt stuck on the ornaments! (Works, I usually stick to glue it up with strong fabric and will not settleeven after repeated washing machine!)
(Iii) Pressure testing sponge or potato printing! You do not have a child to enjoy these decorating ideas!

T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt

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