7 Tips to gamble responsibly and not lose your shirt

Apart from the important to a financial disaster, if someone is addicted to gambling, whether online or offline, the obsession with cost only he can his family, friends and all his social life. Those who want to be taken in such problems?

Gambling should be fun, not something that will ruin your life, gamble responsibly and not lose the T-shirt play well. Here are 7 tips:

1. Ask to limit a loss

This is responsible not only aspessimistic. We must keep an on your loss is limited to a loss you can afford. And to keep it tight. And setting a loss limit, set yourself a time limit will also make you a smart player.

2. Do not ask for more resources

Never borrowed money to play the more you ask the Member must stop when you reach the limit. If you have a loss limit quite easily have resulted in, you will never borrow money to gamble.

3. Take aBreak

Frequent breaks while playing online, not only help you relax, you will also have time to think about how you can lose. If you lose and can not afford to lose more complete.

4. Not only did Gamble, a little 'Socialize

Other activities such as chatting with a new acquaintance or old friend who also happened to visit the casino may, time well spent. There is no need to feel guilty playing all night. PracticeTheir combined experience is also a good way to spend time. Who knows what could be done, but must be related to very small cubes.

5. Do not play when depressed and stressed

to use the same way as the shopping and eating is never a good idea to gambling as an antidote to concerns or problems. Gambling, if you feel low not solve your problems. It could also drive some huge problems that you never meant to be.

6. Say no to ruinThe budget only because of gambling

Staying within the budget allocated for entertainment value you get from gambling. The money for everyday household expenses should not be touched. If it is your wish, you nuts are trying to answer are rolling, you must be sure that if you can afford.

7. Do not go chasing losses

The recognition of the fact that you lost is the most responsible and mature enough to tackle any problem, especially to lose in gambling. If you starttry to chase their losses, the most likely outcome, you lose even more.

Gambling should not be taken lightly playing shirt, no forgiveness and responsibility. Note that the casinos are not a charity case who wants to give money away. They are there as a business and earn their money by the losses of the player.

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