How to use starch Mens Dress Shirts

Resistance means that makes your shirts crisp and rigid, and that the concept of bodies of work came up. This method will actually hard on the shirts, and even though it has its advantages, but also has some disadvantages. Here's a quick guide and some tips for the use of force at home if your shirt iron.

What is Strength
Power came from plants and has long been used to stiffen fabric. Was not brought many changes in the type, strengthestablished when you compare how its done today and centuries ago. Over 80% of the current strength cames from corn. Dry corn is then mixed with water, good performance of a floor in pasta. After contaminants are removed, this is filled in spray cans and some additives such as fragrances.

Advantages of using starch
Strength gives your shirt crisp and look beautiful. In addition to the force also makes it easier to stretch, they will attract the reduced iron.Another advantage is equipped force that protects the material from stains. Many people do not know, but the strength of individual fibers and seals makes it more difficult for stains to penetrate through the fabric.

Disadvantages of starch
The main disadvantage of using starch is fraying. heavy force reduces the life of your shirts. residues of starch to remain in the collar and cuffs with time. And finally dried starch the fabric and cause the individualthreads to break or fray.

Tips for using force at home
As strengths, the life of your shirt, it is prudent, economic strength and light weight. If you want a heavier look stronger, use shirts made from thicker material, as they are made more durable. Oxford cotton shirts are often the best choice for them. Looks like a rigid application of two or three layers of strength rather than a single heavy layer.

You canMix your forces to save money and protect the environment. Just add a tablespoon of cornstarch with half a liter of water regularly. Mix together and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

An alternative is the use of force through shirts, a heavier fabric. Some T-shirt maker to detect if it is made from 1, 2 or 3 layers of fiber.

T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt polo shirt

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