How to Choose a Custom Fit shirts?

Color and style

The first step in choosing your custom fit tailored shirt is choose a shirt color and style. If you have a more conservative dresser or work in a strict office environment, traditional colors like sky blue and white is the best solution. Typically, conservatives are colored shirts as well: no stripes or patterns. A standard collar will be preferred.

If you are looking for a bit 'more elegant with your> T-shirt, you can use a lighter color. Spread collar, which is considered below standard closures also in vogue, especially for younger workers.

Quality assurance

When looking for a shirt of high quality, there are some things that you want to check '. First, the situation is to count. A high quality T-shirt has an account of two-layer, and having such information on the label. include lower quality shirts have a single layer, and this informationnot be made generally available on the label. shirt fabric with two layers are stronger, longer, are softer and more comfortable and wrinkle less than a fold shirts.

The seams should be reviewed. If the shirt is high quality, a single suture line only appears on the seam along the side of the shirt. Most shirts have two lines of stitching on the side seam.

To ensure your custom fit tailored shirt is of high quality, check the stitchingon the keys. a high-quality shirt buttons are sewn cross-stitch closed with a harder, so that it falls.

Review of the Fit

Once you adjust the selected color and the shirt style you want, it's time to check that. The main areas that you must consider when choosing a bespoke suit shirts are neck, arms and wrists.

If the shirt, you should be able to, between two fingers ofNeck and neck. For a new shirt collar should actually half a size bigger than necessary. It takes about 9 washings of a shirt to reduce its young. If you selected a small collar, choke you when you wear it, after trying to finish shrinking.

shirt sleeves must be long enough that when your arms are fully extended, the sleeves do not ride up your wrists. The sleeves must be tightened around the wristso as not to slide down when her arms outstretched. If you can get your hands through the handcuffs, even if they are buttoned, then the cuffs are not tight enough.

When wearing the shirt should feel comfortable in your body. Make sure it does not get tight around the chest, shoulders or waist. Check the buttons to ensure that they are not too far away and to expose gaps in the chest or waist.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt

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