How to design and print your own t-shirt

There are many situations that are designed with a t-shirt the same way you would benefit greatly if you are a promoter for a band with a t-shirt with the band logo on it would have much to offer fans, for events business panels your team in your T-shirt will build team spirit or sell your product to the pile of strangers could be done by a building, if you can T-shirt with them a t quite trendy.

Here are somesimple steps to design and print your own t-shirt:

Step 1 – Design

A good T-shirt design must be instantly recognizable from a distance. Think more in some T-shirts and retro because they are so popular. It is usually up to their simplicity, or perhaps their pop culture references, in the heart of everyone who sees it Echo. Think about your audience and what they want-Shirt say about yourself through t. A Band T-Shirtfor example, must stay in touch with the style of music and give the wearer something to write about the band. album cover or band logos are good options.

Step 2 – T-shirt quality

Make sure that the quality of your t-shirts are high. By skimping on the cost of white T-shirt will be serious, the factor disappear for Re-wear your t-shirt. You want something good will immediately wash the last few years and not shrug off the pressure. In addition, the carrier willeasy to do, wear the shirt with your logo or slogan-T. We say that the worker is in all your company's business T-shirt at your conference. People who like the fit and feel of the shirt is more likely to lead to the gym the following week.

Step 3 – Print

After your shirts and your design, you need to get pressure.

First, decide whether to transfer or screen print your T-shirt. Transfers tend to be cheaperwhile printing takes longer and better quality.

transfer printing requires you to print your design on special paper, only then your iron directly on the back of the shirt soon. screenprint, however, requires a bit 'more work. You need to burn your designs in a special "film" or 'transfer' of the press and then transferred after a series of processes to prepare the monitor screen with your design, which sell to run with a lamp, then special acrylic painton T-shirt with the pattern burned. The best way to see a YouTube video on how to do this first, but the results are worth the effort. As a little ', are fast becoming a series of funny T-shirts to choose from.

Et voila: Your very own t-shirt … Repeat 500 times now


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