To create your own T-Shirt

Have you ever been somewhere and someone the shirt features a line of witty or funny picture in my eyes and sense of humor? It 's very likely to happen more often, because more and more people rely on producer T-shirt, be smart, but you are applying their talents in their own T-shirt. The possibilities are endless hours you do, your friends, and the rest of the world jealous of your clothes by engineering their T-shirt.You do not need many tools to achieve this feat Mode!

What you need

– Software

– Works

– Transfers

– Printers

– Iron

– Hard surface

– Cushions


There are kits you can buy the supply of almost all formats you need. Here are some tips to remember during the process.

Print Preview
Always print a copy to preview before you print on transfer paper. YouThis is to ensure that colors print correctly, the image will deepen the printer "no pressure zone," and see a full size version of the image.

Fold the Image
You need to rotate the image, especially if you text in your drawing. The text should be back on the screen or print.

Use the right paper
The transfer paper on the non-printing. Place the paper into the printer so it prints in black lightPage.

White will not print
Consider the background color when you select the text color or the color of an image. How to not print, you'll just get an overview of the framework, but not the full picture.

Test your design material balance
Wasting the transfer paper is bad, but only for a T-shirt is even worse. Some substances are to make the picture better than others, mind you accept this.

Use large amounts ofHeat
It 's easy to find during the process of trying to be as safe, set the iron on warm setting, without the production of steam. There is a large amount of heat to generate the image, so be sure to keep the iron for a bit 'in a uniform and cover design on the fabric. Remove the paper when it is hot.

Use a hard surface
A surface will be more difficult to keep the heat better, so make the hardest surface you can find in the process. ironing boardDo not use the best surface for this particular process.

T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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