The history of fashion, the Lacoste polo

Despite its name, the Lacoste polo shirts are actually direct descendants of the original cotton "tennis whites" worn at the end of the century.

The "tennis white" shirt-sleeve style has been defined by a long-sleeved buttoned up the front, worn thin by normal curled. Although this seems a very limited choice of mesh for athletes with today's standards, the white tennis were very informal and very "sporty" in their time.

But the French tennisChampion René Lacoste thought he could improve the old-fashioned button-up. He had always thought that the long sleeve white tennis of the day, and movement were uncomfortable in the field. He began to experience a short-sleeved white shirt, loose cotton combined again with a design that featured a softer, flat collar and a longer tail.

Lacoste first wore an appearance on the 1926 U.S. Open Tennis Championship. Needless to say that the style has attracted renewed morea couple of looks and comments – some positive and some negative pronounced. He insisted his plan in 1927 and clinched the now famous crocodile logo at the top left of the shirt. This was a reaction to the American press, he was nicknamed "The Alligator".

In the early 1930s founded the Lacoste logo de Chemise Lacoste, a company would sell its new T-shirt. His design solved many of the problems of traditional tennis "whites", inIn particular, the evolution of the long sleeves rolled down the middle of the match. It supported the softer, flat collar could be dissolved or turned to a sunburn on the back of the protection of the neck.

Now retired from professional tennis, Lacoste began focusing his attention on merchandising and the distribution of his shirts. He collaborated with his friend and business partner, André Gillies, to dealers in the market for "Lacoste Shirt" especially in North America. L 'to comply with embroidered crocodile logo on their shirts that were unmistakable and helped to "brand" Lacoste shirts as unique. The mass marketing of the tennis shirt had the unexpected result of the extraction of other athletes. polo players, in particular, has started wearing the shirts and tennis, as an alternative to the thick, long sleeves, shirts unbuttoned, their sport was traditionally worn.

Today, they are just as likely to find during Lacoste polo on the golf courseas on the tennis court, polo field. In fact, the little crocodile family has become a wardrobe staple for all modern, not just athletes. hip hop fashion has started the first Polo, Lacoste clothing today and can seen dancing in rap videos, and schoolyards.

Paradoxically, however, is just the shirt worn by tennis players these days, because it began the transition to the T-shirt in the late 90th polo players have also moved onOriginal Lacoste shirt. Even though the shirt is rarely used for its original popularity today, remains as strong as ever in public.


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