Men's Navy Blue Suit

For the largest selection of men's suits, it is very important how well you can make a good shirt and tie combination, etc. First, look carefully at your dress and find the colors available in fabric, how many colors are woven, Especially if you are looking for a fancy dress. Consider a thin gray Glen plaid suit, a general impression of the dress is gray, but up close, we find the lines very thin blue-green, brown and blue. Once you select the color for youMore about him and the easiest way to do this is with a tie. The color of the tie should do the color. Think in terms of families of color. Navy, royal blue and light blue from the blue family.

Claret, pink and red are red from the family. Turquoise, green and water are the Green family. Check now to consider the extent to which the tie and dress together. Use a dark red background with decorative design tie, blue, green, blue and cream. Now select ColorT-shirt. White shirt look good for more formal look. Light blue shirt is a good option for regular working day. Therefore, the final outfit looks like men with dark blue dress shirt and tie with white color combination of black and red dress is a perfect combination for the good of men navy blue. For men, gray suit with burgundy, blue, green and blue, a light blue shirt and a tie with blue-green, dark blue and cream.

Menswear modelCombination

It 's very important as well to choose colors and patterns of the suit.
It 's a good combination to choose a color scheme of the dress shirt and tie, while some. Consider a solid navy suit with white shirt or blue shirt and striped tie.
If you choose to model dress shirt and tie when his plane. For the navy blue suit jacket with stripes or solid white shirt and foulard tie.
Choose a dark suit for more casualbrightly colored shirt to avoid.
For the color dark suit and tie color should be lighter shirt, formal look. For anthracite dark suit and white shirt, silver tie light grenadine is formal.
A gray suit and a pair modeled with a gray shirt with purple tie and medium-sized yellow and black scarves.
The color makes the shirt more casual clothing. Lighter color shirt as gray or white ice is a more formal appearance. You can also try a Deep Purple tie.

The combination of the different models of men's dress

Select the same color dress shirt and tie, but with different tone of the same color family. Mixing of two strips, select it in a different thickness, thin as a tweed suit, striped shirt and bold tie lines. Combine small patterns with bold patterns. Choose a shirt jacket and tie for formal same level. Do not mix formal with casual. In addition, double-breasted suit with a button-down-> T-shirt is not recommended.

T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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