Men's Fashion Tips: Choosing the right shorts and a link to Match Color Shirts


My husband has a job that sees him with (almost) any color shirt with your logo on it. Usually dresses in jeans and work shoes. From time to time he likes to dress up a bit 'though. It has a very nice, attractive pair of brown shoes and always wears a polished brown belt. Please help me decide what color pants, and in particular what color tie? He wears a black tie, because that's all it ever was. I want to contribute with its, Asks the professional office. HELP? Please? Thanks, Cassie


It's actually very difficult to recommend the right color pants and tie, because your husband is such a wide choice of shirt color. However, usually colored navy pants fit very well with most colored shirts. This should be your first choice. Otherwise, you can go to dress navy striped trousers with a slightly different color to add phrases MarinePants.

The other colors to choose from black, dark gray and light gray. These are the brilliant colors that can go well with most light and dark T-shirt.

That the choice of colors for ties, is the best way to establish relations with similar color T-shirt is a choice. This means that the relationship with the election of the same color or similar shades of a lighter or darker than the T-shirt. This is the easiest way to get your overall well-coordinated and Get Smart. A very safe choice for mostMen.

polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt

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