Buying the right men's Dress Shirt

The shirt, like most leaders of men's clothing, has much less choice in women's clothes. However, there is enough variety that every man has his own style to create. You just have to find the type of shirt and works best style for the most part.


Nothing ruins the appearance or comfort of a shirt faster than a bad fit. A long sleeve shirt uses two numbers: the neck and sleeves – a shirt 16/35 is a 16-inchCircumference of the neck and long sleeves by 35 inches. A-sleeved shirt is measured only in the neck, an SS (as in 16beta or 16/SS) means, often with short sleeves. Waist measurements are not included because a lot of room for shirts most of the men.

neck-change measures in increments of 0.5 inches, sleeves usually in increments of 2 inches. Therefore, they are often marked 16/34-35. When the extent of the neck, look up an old trick that really stretches his neck to the full – oftenStrengthening a different dimension – ie the maximum comfort when you're not counting the ceiling tiles.

To measure the sleeve, need help. Place one meter at the base of the neck, spine, then place it on the back of the shoulder. From the shoulder, elbow, arm-long to the point where the thumb connects with the wrist movement. The total length (should be very close to, half your height) is the length of the right sleeve. For a look 'more refined,give them an inch.

Men's shirts are made in three basic models: Regular-Fit is the standard, he cut his full comfort. Big shirts are high and 1.75 cm longer than normal, and designed a bit 'more (it depends on the manufacturer. Trim-fit (as a sporty, slim-fitting or custom) T-shirts are tapered in the chest ( about 5 inches less than normal) and less in life (about 6 cm).


A long-sleeved shirt usually has a barrel cuffwell as a button cuff, ending with a key. Actually two, if you wear a sleeve 35 inch and 34 inch arms, the second button would be necessary to bring the length shirt closer to what you do. French cuffs are the flip up variety, cufflinks necessary. Both are excellent for the office, parties or social events. French cuffs are apparel executive and elegant fashion statement. Many French cuffs (and collars that go with them) are white, colored oror fancy shirts, while an "auto-French" or "self-Button 'bracelet uses the same color or pattern.

Collars are available in three basic styles: The turndown collar is the standard. Length and width of the peaks vary depending on the manufacturer or the ebb and flow of the tides of fashion. Usually are sewn to hold the shape. The button-down collar (collar Oxford mistakenly called) is not – the key points to keep available. collared shirts are a growing trend. Currently collarshirts are generally formal dress or planes of causation, do not provide for the office.


There are several possibilities, some of which deserve much attention. As the wool clothing for men, shirt, cotton is king of the substances. Although the man has done without strong cloth, a cotton shirt breathes, making it comfortable to wear and proper care, cotton shirts do better.


Originally a silk poplin modernusually 100 percent cotton. Smoother than Oxford, easier than cloth, is the most widely used material for shirts and gowns. Poplin that vary in weight, the summer is very light and slightly translucent, heavy winter weight, but still thinner than other bonds.


Among the most popular dress shirt fabric, softer, heavier material with a wider plot Oxford. Most have button-down collar – is a trademark. Oxford cloth shirts, All-cotton or cotton blend, are very suitable for long or short-sleeved clothing for business and pleasure. Pinpoint Oxford localized, short is a lighter, softer material.


Heavier than poplin or identify, the easier it wool or Oxford, with a distinctive diagonal weave (including the famous herringbone) similar to Oxford. All-cotton twill or cotton blend are great dress and casual shirts.


Originally a wool fabric, the heaviest common> Fabric Cotton shirt has to be changed. Pettinato is smooth poplin or twill fabric, almost rib structure. Weights do not vary, as well as patterns and textures. Pettinato is a durable fabric for casual, formal suits and shirts.

Other materials

Fibers (polyester, rayon, Dacron, etc.) are very strong and very sparingly, but not this breath long chains of polymers based on oil well. They may be excellent imitations of natural fibers, or they can look and feel badterrible. Mixed with cotton, wool or other materials combine the strength of man with the comfort and appearance of natural tones.
Linen is a classic that looks good and makes great men of a shirt, if you have a board that prevents a continuous, intimate relationship with a.
Silk, the strongest natural fiber, is simply spectacular for men's shirts or anything else – warm, receptive to dyes and soft on the skin like nothing else. Unfortunately, a little 'faded, if not dry cleaned, tendstretch out of shape and is the most expensive. Most men store for shirts, ties or formal occasion. mixtures of silk (often with wool or cotton) feature improves the flexibility and convenience.


The tag of care for most of the shirts reads: machine wash cold. Dryer. Press with a hot iron. Do not bleach. This day is there to help, the shirt looks good, so read and do what he says. Some cotton must be ironed after each wash to remove the Creases, but cotton fabrics treated in the factory are now available have little or no iron. (. Although a quick touch-up is never out of order) is not afraid to bleach white shirts, choose a new color of bleach safe for colored shirts and imagination.

If the collar is detachable, shirts, more designer, be sure to remove them before washing – will be lost if you do not get. If you can afford it, it seems nothing better than a professionally washed and pressed> T-shirt.


Relatively new on the market are a variety of 100 percent cotton:
Tela '140 'is the best, with high thread count and tight weave for superior performance.
'100 Two-layer fabric is "almost as good.
Locate 80 Oxford is a "permanent two-layer with a bond stronger than the fabric.
50's Canvas "is a single layer, lightweight, yet rugged.
'No-Iron "or" Easy-Care "T-shirt or oxford cloth and portabledirectly from the dryer.


You can spend $ 500 men dressed as a shirt on, but it would waste a lot of money. Every national chain of department stores have shirts for just $ 100 or less. If you buy the game or close-out rack, or wait until the end of the season hit the sale or discount, you will save even more. (And you're the only one to be white!)

Questions and answers

When I wear a white shirt?

L 'short answer is: when everyone else wears them. This is a must with a tuxedo or dinner jacket. Some companies have to follow strict dress codes is a key to business success is the recognition and support. Some men – lawyers, bankers, politicians and executives, for example – are expected to model silence bring a clean white shirt or one with minimal. You also see many of these men favored French cuffs, if you look closely. That is, many companies andOrganizations have adopted a very casual clothing. Colored, striped, plaid or other patterns on the shirts are much more popular (read: 'acceptable'), when they were a generation ago.

What does business casual mean?

This does not mean you have to work your gym shorts (unless you work in a gym, of course). It means a jacket and tie optional, casual shirts, jeans and denim shirts are acceptable. This shirt makes a key to your style and look, if youchoose to wear it to work. A dress shirt that fits well, looks good and stands out from the crowd can be a bit 'precious. After all, no matter how good you are, you're going to see if it needs more, more to be stimulated can.

What is with pockets and monograms?

Shirts usually have a lot on her left breast, two or none of the few sports, few pockets have button-down flaps. The bags are not there to be used as a root or file cabinet. Eyeglasses, a pen or two, some shopsCard or badge, what they are, without a vision the great work they are reaching so hard to treat. Monograms are embroidered initials, some fashionistas say they are just above the right cuff of his sleeve, others say it should be seen just above the pocket. Most people think monograms are a waste of money.

The best?

It 's a good idea, a T-shirt dress – white, poplin, French cuffs, The Whole Nine Yards. This shirt is wornonly for weddings, funerals, court appearances, IRS audits and other times serious. professionally pressed and washed after each use, stored in a protective bag after each use.

The rest?

Now that you have new shirts, you may need a new dress to go with. Everybody needs good wool flannel or wool gabardine dress black or gray (for the cases above) that it comes with the same care as the best T-shirt. You also need black dress shoes,Black leather belt and a silk tie / handkerchief with a conservative pattern or stripe. This is the only place where you can afford to buy the best and not look back – when you wear this ensemble that you really want to see spectacular.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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