Men's Shirts – Introduction to shirts for men

shirting fabrics and "shirt" as they are called by the fiber industry, there are many types of association of a number. They are put out, with cotton the most common. Most of the names of fabrics refer to the specific procedures in which they were woven fibers underneath. We will not go into here, but be aware that the thickness and texture of cotton fiber (shape, cleanliness, length) come into play in determining the quality and function of the wholeProduct.

Oxford fabric

Oxford cloth shirting is the coarsest, it is still quite soft and comfortable. A loose tissue, it is obviously on the button-down shirt collar, but the U.S. is totally acceptable for business occasions. In colorful shirts and shaped threads Oxford only works in one direction are colored with the other threads left blank. This gives it a basket-weave, so that thewarp and weft of the fabric cross in pairs. It has a distinctive texture (which makes her feel relaxed). Pinpoint Oxford, as well as fabrics with yarn thinner and smoother and more formal. Royal Oxford is also the most beautiful and expensive works seamlessly with a fine wool suit and tie.


Poplin with a more peaceful, Oxford, but of similar weight. This is the result of a yarn end is a path with a thickWeave it. poplin shirt material is soft and pleasant, and often used in casual shirts. Colors can be easily found at home, and it takes a sports car very well.


cotton twill shirt has a shiny diagonal and provides richly textured, bringing more professional. A herringbone turns to the direction of the diagonal and forth in every quarter of an inch, that the substance can be considered in greater depth. IfOn the occasion requires a sound out of the ordinary shirt, plays the role twill with honors with a dense texture and view details.

Worsted fabric

worsted fabric shirt is a fabric very similar, except more dense tissue, is a formal shirt for the day to day wear. End-to-end fabric that is, weaving threads of different colors for a subtle visual texture so it seems to be a fixedArm length away. Thanks to its close connection with the tissue samples show exquisite precision.

End-on-End Fabrics

To weave a simple one-to-one, use this traditional material with a different color, a subtle effect to control and white texture. Occasionally, two colors are used to create a "double blow" to produce the color. The use of the liberal model and the tissue engaging plot peg this as casual wear, but could not find the right shirt and tie that intertwineeven in the conservative banker mobile.

Formal Shirt Fabrics

Formal shirts are made of white cotton pique, a rich woven structure did. This is just the right shirt to black tie or white tie, and it is not appropriate for other purposes. You know they feel the fabric through the delicate fabric, the lack of visible models and its softness.

Versus cotton blends – the debatemore

In addition to cotton, all cotton fabrics found above / man made fiber blends. The advantages and disadvantages of each are many, but in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer is. It all depends on what you need and how they are sensitive to prices. Also recognize that with mixtures of a wide range of combinations are hundreds and sometimes more than two types of fibers are mixed. A 90% cotton, have very different properties to makewith only 40% of cotton.

The Good cotton shirt – Cotton is breathable and a good conductor of heat (ideal for hot climates) has a very attractive, it is, of course, cotton is the standard by which other shirting fabrics judged.

The bathroom – cotton wrinkles easily, can be expensive, usually quickly lose heat and the cotton is susceptible to rot and damage of acid and bleach.

Blended fabrics for shirts

The Good -The mixtures are often wrinkle resistant, less expensive, they look nice and are warmer than a 100% cotton T-shirt.

The Bad – Too much man-made fiber in a fabric can not breathe, so uncomfortable on a hot day or in conditions where you sweat can also shiny and are more susceptible to damage by heat to wear. Ferro.


This article is just a beginning. E 'for a man, a foundation in the art of men have importantclassic style. What do you wear 90% of the body exposed, and that is what most people to judge who you are. In a world of presentation of the certificate of successful interaction with others.

polo shirt T-shirt

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