How to Make a Fun T-Shirt Pillow

This is a fun craft you can do with your children, and it would be nice for a teenager is preparing to go to college. You can use this event a family craft for some time.

What you need:

This is a simple job and you only need a few things.

Pillow form


Needle and thread or craft glue

Make sure you first knitted from a clean, non-dyed t-. To do this a sentimentalProject, you can use t-shirt concert, unfit, or t-shirt of a loved one has been more or not. (What does a high school friend to go to another university)

If you're going to trade this for fun, you can always go to your local Salvation Army and cheap T-shirt.

First, the edges to sew the bottom and sleeves. You can use glue, but do not forget to sew on a project that will create the mostmore.

Once you have stitched together the edges, it's time to stuff the pillow. I used a pillow form that fills most of the square pillow, pillow arms and then fill with foam. You can all foam pillow for the project, if desired. Make sure the shirt is so swollen and soft stuff.

After compiling all filled in, all that's left to do together sew the neck hole. You can sew it againSutures with needle and thread or glue can set. If you wash this pillow I recommend a program of needle and thread. Glue does not take in the washing machine and dryer.

There you have it, a cute T-shirt pillows. All that remains is to decorate the outside of the pillow with buttons or pins. You could also take one of these for your children to school at the end of the school year to all their friends, as a sign of a memory of the schoolYear.

T-shirt polo shirt

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