T-Shirt Design Placement

It is one thing to have a great plan, but another to have a great place to put it. Many people tend to give great design as a factor to ignore their own T-shirt. Often, just throw the project at any point of the shirt, he thinks that the placement of their design is not important. But with some knowledge of the design and layout should not be used to verify that you end up with a t-shirt, with yourOccasion.

Front or back

Suppose you are trying to advertise something and then stick to his chest before the t-shirt. People are reluctant to see your design on the shirt front of the chest, because it is embarrassing for you is to look ahead. To avoid the unpleasant situation, simply paste on your back, where it is due to come into contact with the eyes visible to people looking for your design, in order to obtain moreViews.

Look at its size

Make sure the design is not too large for your T-shirt. The t-shirt printers can only print in a box assigned (approximately 18 'x 12') and can not escape this area of design. Very large designs may lead to additional costs or cut the parts (a T-shirt company would certainly be a good notice of this guy before it happened).

Also note that if the design is not the high-resolution image, that design canaggravated in large scale in a small package. Smaller images are able to hide the low-resolution images, but look great is Poor.

If the image you have looks good only if it is the setting of a large number in a pocket on a shirt is generally looking for nice place.

Custom T-shirt companies usually are not ready to receive the drawings only on the front o. If you insert a drawing on a bunch of tests because of additional costs incurredLocation of the project.

The vertical positioning

If you place it on the front, the thoracic region, in general, is a natural place for a design for the stomach. The same goes instead for the back, upper back is the natural place for your design. The shaking of the shirt, while the peaks remain relatively calm and flat, so that the design is particularly visible. But be sure to leave a sufficient margin between the Federation and the topYour design. If the design is too close to the collar, it will look awkward.

Most of the good t-shirt Design your company for you, do not worry about the middle of this.

Hopefully with these tips, you can feel safe to place your project in its optimal position.

polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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