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A tailored jacket is an important feature of the dress. But what are the characteristics of a man's shirt? What makes a shirt from another T-shirt? A men's dress shirt has 6 basic features, each of which is treated separately in this article.


The buttons are probably the feature that makes a T-shirt a dress shirt. For a T-shirt dress, it shall openthe middle and have buttons from collar to life. Each custom-made shirt has at least seven buttons on the front, regardless of their size. Some high-end shirts have eight buttons, but seven is the norm. Often, the shirts are also buttons on the collar and cuffs, although this is not a requirement.


Another important characteristic of the man's shirt is the collar. With a collar is a must, but vary the styles of collar. Some examplesThe collars are: Windsor, which has a big spread on the edges and the Duke of Windsor, a straight collar and a narrow margin between the edges of the collar, or Tony, a very formal collar, requested that covers the 'neck and the entire tie. Some are even buttoned his shirt collars, these are called "button-down collar.


Next in line features custom-made dress shirt cuffs. These are the sections of theShirt to cover his wrists. There are two types of twins: is the guide sleeve, in which the sides of the cuff overlap and a button on the other, and the French cuff, where the edges of the collar and pulled to the side of you connect.


The bar is a function connected with the keys of the shirts. It 's the band that goes down to the front of a man's shirt where the buttonholes sewn. The standard widtha bar is 1.5 inches. And 'generally quite good, so that as unobtrusive as possible, although a number of different varieties of iris are sewing.


Wrinkles are not a universal characteristic of a tailored shirt, but that the majority of T-shirt. Sometimes it's a part where the shirt is folded the fabric back on itself. In general, wrinkle shirt on both sides of the back des For less formal wear, there is a single garageFold in the middle of the back. Wrinkles are often found just above the cuff on the sleeves. Bags

The bags are another feature of the made-custom dress shirt that is not universal. In some places, formal shirts, bags not included at all, but a single pocket on the left side of the t-shirt is available in many places, such as the United States. Occasionally, these bags can be buttoned closed, even more rarely with a guard.

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