Equmen Core Precision vest – My personal opinion of Wonder shirt for men

More and more men begin to feel the wonders Equmen shirt or tank top core of about precision. It promises to make you slimmer, stay fresher and provide support for your back and upper body. I recently purchased one of these t-shirt and I will give my opinion after having worn the shirt for a week.

The first retail location for countries that have equmen shirt in the United States had six stores Saks Fifth Avenue. Since we do not live near one of theseshops I had a friend pick me up two different styles and colors, and then she sent me by express mail. The vest is not accurate core cheap, prices start at around $ 90.00 for a tank top at about $ 110.00 for the long arm.

Before you go T-shirt my personal review of the contribution may be a bit 'of science behind the development of this new technology equipment. These T-Shirt with poly-spandex material, nylon and a design mapping of the helix-mimeticphysiotherapists use to support cross-taping the muscles and improve posture. This technology is governed by professional sports clothes that use this type of compression technology.

Equmen says its core business is precision trimmer Shirt wonder the ability to improve your posture, reduce back pain and improve the adherence of the large clothing store and make you look thinner. " Another advantage is that it's normal use of this t-shirt under theLadies, if you have a jacket, or just your normal street clothes.

So, now for the review! Equmen wearing short-sleeved shirts and long sleeve and were really impressed. At first they felt really tight, especially if you are not using a tight-fitting clothing. I only wore the T-shirt for recreational use and not for any athletic activity that involved so maybe I'll write about this in a future revision. I definitely heard a lot of back and coreSupport and looked great in my clothes. So the big question that everyone asks, makes you look thinner? I took measurements of my life and no shirt. I lost a total of 3 inches equmen wear the vest, which was excellent! I was really impressed with the shirt but they need to carry a lot more time to contribute to and long term.

polo shirt T-shirt

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