Using eBay to Launch Your T-Shirt Company

eBay is the Fortune 500 in 2006 and has steadily climbed the rankings since then. Hundreds of millions of buyers now search eBay every day, making it a wonderful platform to launch your own T-shirt label / company.

All you have essentially the T-shirt for sale access to a camera and a computer with Internet and e-mail. Furthermore, it is better to use a name for your brand on eBay, preferably one that is easy to remember and may have tofrom the crowd. Most sellers on eBay to offer PayPal and credit cards as payment, so if you do not already have an account with PayPal, your brand in a unique, first to register as a seller on eBay. If you sell a lot of things one step further and consider the establishment of an eBay have – that makes it easier to track.

Photo by 1 st of each T-Shirt Design. Use a tripod (if you have one), take photos from another pair ofAngle, and be sure to highlight all the features of the T-shirt. If you do not, someone T-shirt for your model, depending on a mannequin or a hanger. The best fund is usually a solid color, because it focuses attention on the product. The pictures are important because they are the primary point of sale on eBay – you cut your chances of a sale with the help of clear, sharp images, and any increase brightened.

2nd place your items on eBay.Fill in the Title field to limit the identification of the article in the brand, size and color, no matter how exactly the keywords (descriptive names) as much as possible 55 characters in the title. Remember that the title is crucial for the results! The complete field description, including any additional information and shipping details / guidelines (eg insurance). Add the words "NEW" to indicate that the T-shirt has been used by others do not.

3: Check the wording of the ads.Make your advertising read sentences and paragraphs short and concise, and avoid mistakes – you take your professional image and suck, a lot of potential customers.

Fourth upload and insert images of the T-shirt for each ad. If necessary, adjust the images to make them look as good as possible.

5th Prize of clothing and, if necessary, set the time for the auction. Make sure that the shipping costCharge are reasonable.

Sixth Promote your list of links to blogs, online ads and social networking sites (like Facebook), eBay to draw attention to your article. Let the world know that your shirt is a business!

Seventh package of T-shirts nice if you order one and send it immediately. Develop a positive reputation for themselves on eBay, you will attract more customers.

For more information aboutSelling on eBay, please read the Vendor Information Center at

T-shirt Polo shirt

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