Men's Fashion – 3 Things you look for in a shirt

When choosing a flattering dress shirt you want the color to the shape and size of the collar, the quality of cotton. The fabric is important, but not as important as the federal government and the color. Since the color of the shirt and the collar near the face, you want these aspects to be perfect, because when people talk to you to see which is the first thing they want.

The shape and size of the package is important, because they flatter, theto create the shape of the face and neck length balance. If you have a long face and neck, for example, you are the length of the face of a collar with spread points short.


These are all the designs for its casual look relaxed collar and button collar. button-down shirts are worn with sport coats and can be worn without a tie.


This collar collar is the most versatile because it canbe worn to be worn with suits, jackets and no tie.


The collar is like Dressler, because the points of the collars are a bit 'more distant. This collar must be filled in the gap with a tie can be worn.


It takes its name from the register which connects the collar points behind the tie. This type of collar should be worn with a tie.

White contrast

A white collar is because, contrary to the name, or coloredFabric of the rest of the shirt.


Although this type of collar (which is actually a shirt without a collar) is sometimes worn as formal and casual, which is best reserved for casual gamers.

Shirts must be of fine cotton, as it not only seems Dressler cotton and other normal tissues, but it feels even more comfortable on the skin. cotton shirts mixed with plastic to breathe less, and the lack of bright colors.

Not all cottons arethe same way and the quality of cotton determines how the shirt looks smart – the finest cotton, Dressler, T-shirts a. The disadvantage is that cotton is easy to fold, but for those very, travel, provide Synthetic blends advantage of easy maintenance. If you choose a synthetic product, choose a mixture of mix, has more than fifty per cent cotton.

For formal and business wear the white shirt is a classic. Although plain shirts are ideal for companiesWearing bright colors are not as elegant traditional black and blue. Since the color and bolder print, T-shirt is always random.

T-shirts that fit well a piece of clothing with sleeves that end an inch below the neck, wrist, fits the neck without pulling and not too tight and a shirttail in the passage ends have enough room to sit or bend.

polo shirt

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