Men's Dress Shirt – design and color

To purchase a man's shirt, which is better, it is important to consider skin color and pattern, and your only build it. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to buy large men's shirt is waiting to hear that

Color: The formality of a shirt is the background determined by the amount of white shirt in the 's. More white background of the shirt makes it more formal shirt. Monochrome Shirtsis formal, with white is elegant. This is because (usually dark) in a formal offer no greater contrast with a dark tie.

control for less formal occasions, blue shirts. Solid blue shirts caress your face more, especially with the blue half Bringing Out the rich skin tones. In selecting a color, find a mirror and figure out what the accents of blue in the face without disturbing it.

Men with ahigh contrast complexion should opt for a shade of deep blue while those with a more muted tan should choose lighter shades of blue or blues with a white pattern that absorb the color.

Men with very little contrast to the skin – usually brown or black skin is necessary – able to cream or tan shirts are pink shirts during the complexion perfect for those with a fair, rosy cheeks. Yellow skin and orange shirts good for people with low contrast, but should never be worn by those who paleSkin. They seem particularly well with navy and brown clothes.

Reason: the white lines on a blue background look good on most people. red plaid or stripes flatter those with a reddish complexion, and the environmental good in yellow for blonde, fair men.

Shirts with a white background, having very good contrast with white collar. Try to find a t-shirt with a collar of a club when you go to the collar against usury t-shirt. These shirts should alwaysworn with cufflinks.

The most important thing to remember is that the pattern of the shirt must be reasonable contrast with the background according to the complexion. Those with high contrast should complexion should be sticking contrasting models while those with low contrast with the skin model with low contrast.

Conclusion: Keep the guidelines for color and design in the head and you will be able to buy dress shirts for men, the most flattering on you.

polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt

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