How to buy custom shirts of a man

How to check if your custom shirt fits?

While the T-shirt is buttoned, you should be able to slip two fingers between collar and neck.

When you move your arm in your custom shirt, sleeves should be long enough so that cuffs around the wrist.

The shirt cuffs should be tight enough to measure that does not depend on one side. They should be able to slide in his shirt sleeves without firstCancel buttons on the cuff.

To ensure that the t-shirt is comfortable and not too tight, check that the shirt does not pull uncomfortably on the shoulders chest, or waist.

Check the buttons on your shirt, you should be safe, no loose threads and well-defined life with no holes or disclosure of your chest.

To verify the correct length of the shirt custom shirt, raise your arms and make T-ShirtCoda does not come out of his pants.


It takes up to 9 washings for a shirt tailored to reduce its size. For this reason, ensure that the federal government brand new t-shirt shows a half an inch or more space is too narrow.

Since the quality of a t-shirt?

Check the fabric content of your t-shirt. Finest shirts are made of two layers, making the fabric more folds that make less, e.

Check the seamsalong the side of the shirt for smoothness and to ensure that it will not delay. A high quality t-shirt only has a line of stitching side seam, while most commercial shirts have two lines stitches.

Inspect sleeve a few inches above the cuff for a gauntlet button that closes. A gauntlet button and an eyelet placed horizontally usually show good art.

At Custom T-shirt with stripes,To check how stripes are aligned. They should match making a straight line.

The collar of a built-in support for T-shirt should be crisp and firm. It should not be weak and in no case should be no wrinkles or bubbles (puckering) have

The design of the fabric should meet with each having two pieces of fabric. How, where the sleeves meet the shoulder.

A well-made t-shirt to be removed or remain firm is built for a clearer and moreresearch.

The collar of a shirt should be fine custom built two pieces and hand turned.

The keys to a high quality custom shirt should be sewn securely fastened, stuck with a cross-stitch to secure the keys.

Two-piece yoke

custom men's shirts have a very high quality two-piece yoke (the part that covers the shoulders). This creates more work, but providing a better and more natural drape suits.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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