Learn how a shirt with these simple steps of iron

Iron a shirt can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment, which of course there is a lot of cleaning to deal with this type of service shirt. However, spending $ 2.99 or more for the shirt, if not your week's budget after week, you better learn how to iron a shirt!

First, a good ironing board. You can not use a towel on the counter or at the kitchen table and expect your shirt to look good later.

You can alsoneed a good steam iron and, preferably, a model that you can press a button for more explosions of steam, can help the stubborn in certain areas. Make sure the bottom of the iron is free of mineral deposits, and it is possible using only distilled water (all minerals have been removed) to prevent. If you do not have distilled water, you end up with stains on the shirt of the minerals that come through the steam vents on the bottom.

If your T-shirt is made of 100% cottonYou must set your iron to a level of extreme heat. Irons have dials that point, what needs to be drawn to what level. Make sure the steam is across the street. And always check the label of the shirt to see the results, the instructions recommended for better recycling facilities.

You also need some spray. Practice of spraying this on a couple of rags to finish this good on your shirts. It tends to clump if not sprayed evenly.

Spray the collar and iron sidesabove all, inside and out. Then, spray each section of the front and iron from the neck down. After that, most shirts have yokes in the back that has to be separated again.

Finally, it is time to press the sleeves. Unbutton the cuffs of the sleeves and put on the end of each of the board, making it as high as possible so that the sleeve is tight. Too much starch on the sleeves can be irritating, so use only enough to keep the sleeves down evenly with a sharpFold, from shoulder to wrist. Now, when you're done, you should hang your T-shirt once, so as not to lose, just stretched and lively.

polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt

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