Shirt Collar – Like the Right One Pick

Choice of T-shirt for men is not as easy as choosing the right size suit color. Choosing the right collar of his shirt is just as important. Not only T-shirt sizes are often given the size of the collar, but the form will decide who looks better on him and the opportunity to wear the shirt inside Follow these instructions to get it right.


The collar of his shirt buttoned up when it should be neither too tight nor too loose. The men find theirSize by measuring around the neck where the collar is. It must be large enough so that a finger can be comfortably seated in the gap. Of course, if it is worn around the neck and tie man to wear the shirt open collar size is not important until the rest of the shirt fits you well.

Assembly of the face

Men with big round faces should be smooth or straight point collar decide to balance her face. Regular collar, thepopular design, hence the name. The tips below to help your face appear longer and thinner then. Spread or cutaway collars have a wider gap between the toes. The amount of space and form of disseminating collars have many options for help, but in most cases, a subtle balance narrow faces. A wide tie knot is to bridge the wide gap in the front, regular collar instead necessary.

Some other species

has the buttoned-down collar, from America slots on the points so that they attach to the T-shirts from all over the body. Shirts with a collar, buttoned-down are not suitable for formal occasions. If you are looking for something, not to the west, then stand-up collar is just for you, as it is popular in Asia, where the head was often wear jackets with the collar. The mandarin collar is a strip and its width, the end looked like a ring on his shirt and neck. The formal way of> T-shirt reserved for the formal ceremonies of a wing collar – stiff stand out. A t-shirt with wing collar goes hand in hand with the fly. After this overview of the different types of pliers and their functions, you should be able to get the shirt right type of law that people reason by analogy to.

T-shirt polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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