Men's Fashion – 7 most popular type of shirts

Some of the most popular trends in the neck, a button front and cuffs. The materials are often lighter fabrics such as cotton.

Classic Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress

You can not really go wrong wrong with this until the right color and pattern matching. Try something that they find no pockets, if you can, for smart casual. The white color is preferred because it is unclear what the pants fit, but almost any colorto work. However, the latest trend in black or other unusually dark, which is very popular with people in the fashion world that is opposed to the days when the mafia is always black gangster was similar. You can usually find these in business attire or smart casual.

Short-sleeved shirt

I know it can be very hot in the office, but rarely see a good man. It makes me think of school science teacher in this moment I see it. Icould also ask if your pocket protector is! So those are the basics. There are other shirt styles, you're good, but these are quite safe for everyone. My advice is to avoid anything too flashy or trendy – they tend to get noticed for the wrong reasons. And by the way, do not buy brand Polo – Land's End, LL Bean, Hanes and many other companies make quality shirts. Just get something made from high quality material and are sixFine.

Polo shirt sleeve

Most of the classic and masculine. Just make sure to include at least the top button undone, ha ha, or as an outsider watching. And 'well maintained with plain colors and jeans or khaki pants. Tip: To Jean, is best left un-hides when not too long, but if wearing khakis, is Tuck

Short Sleeve Polo

And classic and masculine, these come in a variety of substancesand drawings. This short-sleeved polo shirts are best with jeans or khakis. Solid colors or stripes of color are well preserved in the human world of fashion. Recently it is also very popular with sports men and women of the world, including golf.

The Turtle Neck

A tight round cut that by more than a round neck, but is not as high as a turtleneck. This was originally planning to adapt to winter weather in the western world, and proved to be fashionable style in the maleand women's fashion. Dare not to laugh, really looks great. They come in a variety of substances, something nice and thick curtains to satisfy everyone.

Classic Crew T-Shirt

This is well received by all ages. College t-shirts are OK, as long as they meet the other guidelines. Some prefer to bag and some not, but I think it looks better without. Most common colors are white and black, red and yellow hot fun. A beautifulGame T-shirt makes any man look twice as good! T-shirt men are also the choice of creating a 'personal brand'. So you can customize the t-shirt thought to her taste, political or personal, which is more often in the world of youth fashion, and also well received by people in the IT world, as Apple's Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.

Tip: make sure it fits your body, this does not seem a good wide.

ClassicWife Beater

A well-shirts, usually worn by men, are generally designed to be used as underwear, and generally have large holes in the sleeves and neck of a large, close to the chest. The term derives from frequent depictions in popular culture of aggressive American men, who usually live in poor conditions and low income, beating their wives and / or children while clad in this shirt.

Hint: it looks great and well developed Fellas, Fellas pathetic too thin,and disgusting on fat beer-bellied guys.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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