What color shirt should I wear?

"What color dress shirt should I wear?" is a common question. There are many different things that T-shirt going to choose the right color for a dress. While for conservative dressers, such as light or white T-shirt the color blue in general, are safe if you are looking are looking for a bit 'out of fashion in your shirt there are many colors and reflections.

Your natural color

When you choose a colored shirt, you shouldfor a color that corresponds to the right complexion and natural colors. In the world of fashion people dyes are often described by the seasons. described, for example, if you warm and clear coloring you would be like "Spring", as if they were warmer and more muted colors, there are described as "Autumn". Cool and muted is "Summer" while cool and clear is "Winter".

If you have warm colors, then your skin has yellow tones in general. To cool colors,will have a blue background. These shades are usually very thin and can be difficult to detect. Golden or paleness is a sign of heat, red cheeks and the redness is a sign of freshness.

A good test to find out what your color is, pieces of gold and silver metallic tissue paper to find out. Take the piece of gold metallic fabric and place it next to your face. Then try and put on the silver metallic fabric. If these substances on the skin that helps blue or yellowpop nuances more visible so you know your color.

Choose a color that suits you

Once you know your natural color, you can choose from a shirt that is right for you. Each season has its own palette of colors. I want to wear warmer colors and light sources. Examples include salmon and lime. Winters, on the other side you see the color clear, but cold, like navy blue, black or white. For fall, we want toCool, soft colors. Examples are olive green or terracotta. Summers wants to be cool, soft colors like burgundy or pastel colors.

It 'also possible to combine palettes based on color. For example, it could be a hot spring and clear, but lean more clearly on the page. Since winter is also unclear, will be able to wear a lot of bright colors in winter, even if they are out of the spring. The same applies if you are a cool summercan go for the colors of the coolest winter range still fits your complexion.

Quick Tips

If all this seems a bit 'too much for you, there are some basic guidelines, you can use dye to help you choose a color shirt that is just on your complexion, without debate.

If you have fair skin, then gray will probably suit you. If you tend to have a beige complexion, blue will probably be a good choice. For a golden color of the skin,you might want to try green. If you tan, red or pink might be for you.

T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt

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