When and how to wear french cuff dress shirts

Just like anything worthy of the name, in reality, things never go out of fashion style. The French-cuff shirt is one of these factors, the trend of fashion seems to have much more stamina than one.

Worn for more than one hundred years, the French cuffs of dress in the traditional way allows males don ornate Art Jewelry Gemini (think that the founding fathers and kings of old times, with coats and frilly shirts fabric complicated). As a fashion trend for a simple look FrenchBündchen was showing a discreet way for men to be a little 'charm.

And 'one of those things in a way that can bridge the gap between generations. This is a classic and elegant look when worn by your grandfather, but she sat on a slim fit and vintage cuff links, and some is the appearance of many of the young hipsters. with a French-cuff shirt is all about opportunity.

Always remember, this is only an accessory and piece of equipment, should not affect theto concentrate.

A French-cuff shirt for a business meeting:
Think of the classic Power Suit look. Gordon Gecko. Thomas Crown Affair. The view with mince pies off the shelf or custom suits trim but not thin, it should be dark in the Navy or the Gray family, but not black. For the shirt stick with solid colors available in French blue, white or a strong, smooth surface. Wear a traditional square French cuffs, with very thin silver cufflinksrose gold, the link to congratulate you do not speak for you. Make sure that whatever you choose metal, that your belt buckle and see that it is correct.

A French-cuff shirt for a formal affair:
Tux for the shirt should be in near perfect. Look for a seat cover and put in order, preferably with a wing collar and tie, especially right in the flight. Looking for a place in France with the traditional form, but a forward-looking braceletLink placed hole. In this way, the link with the past, the sleeves of the jacket, if you show up the toast. Links should link a heirloom, a precious metal, are elegant, vintage, if you have it.

A French cuff shirt for a night:
Many people are under the false impression that a French cuff shirt dress only. This is simply not true. A look at the great French cuff is unbuttoned, popularized by the character of Brad Pitt Rusty Ryan in"Oceans" series. To investigate this, have your tailor to shorten the sleeves of about 1.25. "This means that you can wear handcuffs explained all connections and still have the right amount peek beyond the jacket sleeve. Wear a light dress or light jacket is not a tie. The look is to let go, but with the proper adjustment does not seem sloppy.


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