How to design and create your own T-Shirt (Professional)

In the 21st Century, people are looking for ways to express yourself. Many people use clothing as a means of expression. To be more precise, T-shirts are the most common way to express yourself. But there are times when you just do not like the clothing brand and is very easy to learn how to design their own shirt.

However, the problem with the design and T-shirts with their professional equipment that the study and the necessary materials are expensive, soPeople have to invest a large sum of money to make shirts. But if you do not always believe that to give full money's worth, then here are the steps to create a T-shirt.

Before you start to make a T-shirt, there are some materials you need. These are some heavy objects, I suggest you or borrowed from some company or go to your local school to use it if they have. Do you need a screen, screen, press room, one emulsion emulsion Amberlith(Or Ruby Lith), exposure units, drawing on T-shirt, a knife, a flash dryer, a T-shirt sleeves and a glue can be sprayed on surfaces that come off easily.

Step 1) The first step is a project that really, how to choose. And 'This is the first time, a T-shirt printed on a screen, try to get fabric with a simple design first, so that the pressure on you get the hang of.

Step 2) Get your knife and your emulsion and cover both sideson your screen in emulsion emulsion and leave space for a whole day. Make sure you do it on your clothes, why not come out of emulsion.

Step 3) While the emulsion covered screen drying track to cut the design you chose to Amberlith (or red mask), and push the design but not too difficult to bring transparency, which is trimmed with yellow / red mask . Then, after the emulsion has dried, take your screen and bring your drawing to the screen and burn inScreen with a unit of exposure. You now have your image you want your T-shirt to wear.

Step 4) Next, spray the sleeves with the glue (just a bit ', just to make sure the shirt stays put) andput a clean shirt (any color) on the sleeve and set up your screen. The screen should be in the press area, where you can lock sleeve shirt right above.

Step 5) Now selectthe color you want the design on the shirt. Again, you can choose any color. If you are a multi-screen printing machine, you should have more displays the same image and produce a single color on each screen.

Step 6) Now you are looking for the place you want to put your design and place the screen over them. Now a bit 'slow on the color you used (any color will not work. He must go and buy T-shirt painting meant for printing) on topScreen.

Step 7) Get your knife and while you're stuck on the blade, press the color into the screen while moving the suction cup on the bottom of the screen. Go across the screen a couple times to make sure that an important part of the project is covered by the color.

Item 8) Lift the screen and bring your flash carefully and put it over a shirt, this process is. Of course the color does not solve the T-shirt and dry quickly. Lethave the t-shirt for about 10 to 20 seconds. The longer and the shirt begins to burn.

Step 9) Make T-shirt to cool for about 1-3 minutes. Congratulations! Just print your own shirts. You can now create intricate designs and create your shirt without leaving tons cheaper waste of money on t-shirt deal for you.

polo shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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