T-shirt – use types of Specialty Printing Thanks for your t-shirt can

T-shirt printing inks can be personalized and unique way, by introducing the use of special printing process. Here is a list a list of methods and materials that you can print shirts for your specialty t.


The additive has raised a puff pastry, a little 'spongy texture. It 's the most common of the three most-DT-shirt colors. Puff can color their own films or other special suede are combined with it. Puff is chased, used in aHalf-tone and multi-colors. Under pressure, there is a higher risk of curling and cracking, but a pressure of success is very durable and can be cured with only one run in the dryer.


Flock is similar in structure and apparent weight. When used in moderation, both tactile and visual interest on a t-shirt design.


Suede suede color appears, but no animals harmed in the print suede jacket – it's just ink!And 'big, so it should not be used for large drawings.

Chromatic colors

colorful colors change color in different conditions, such as a squid! These three types of ink to react to different conditions:

or photochromic ink: light-sensitive

O Thermochromic ink: heat-sensitive

Hydrochromatic O: Water-sensitive (such as very cool?cool!)


As gold is the metallic ink and thin. It is not his shirt, directly to a fiber-t. Instead, a layer of adhesive film or a heat transfer cold peel layers. The brightness can be controlled during use, using the heat more or less.


Blistering inks look like the type of deformation that occurs in the vinyl edition of an actual ink used T-shirt, where hyphens occur randomly with an angle measurement. This is aheavy ink that can not be used for large areas. On the contrary, does not work well with the detailed information should be used instead of lines only vague data.


This shirt is printed ink on t-all, almost like a second skin! Although a small ink structure can be used with such high coverage you can expect a change in the structure of the notice of tissue.


Glitter inks, and crystalline reflections can be used to add some 'pizazz to a drawing. These inksare available in metallic colors and colors of the rainbow. Metallic colors are clear even when printing an existing project for additional glory.


As a construction worker vest, a reflective ink is visible in all lights, but in fact persuaded by a flash of light at night.


Inks are discharged to remove the dye from the textile industry, such as bleach. Why, instead of removing print in color, the resulting image has no texture. The darkT-shirt, color, tint of the original color, especially in the case of royal blue and kelly green only if the image is of a green or blue. This type of screen, only on 100% cotton T-shirts, which are treated with a dye reagent. Instead of joining by absorption, reactive dyes bond to the fabric using a chemical reaction, thus forming the molecule and the fiber is a covalent bond. Apart from being discharged with the ink, such as dyeconstant as the dye absorption. Discharged colors are not the most versatile, but they grow well and have little impact on the transferability of the t-shirt.

T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt

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