Create your t-shirt design – for beginners

In this article we re-create custom t-shirt design from it. We will not go into too much detail in this article as one familiar with the software and tools to get started.

Before proceeding we shall see just what your needs, a t-shirt:

PC software for vector graphics
Vinyl Cutter
Heat Press

Oh, and imagination! The good news is that there is a freeSoftware to help you, your vector drawings. This is a very stable and promising software called Inkscape. Download and install. For the other two devices, we will discuss later in this article.

Remember to learn that before you run, you must first learn to crawl. So for your first draft keep it simple! Just try to build and then further complicated. As you draw in Inkscape? The easiest way to start activated by pressing SHIFT + F6. You canAlso activate this tool by inserting it in the left menu. It's called Bezier curves. " With a click on your screen, you can once you start a module with a simple point. Then advance from making further points to the desired shape. To keep in mind that if the mouse button are pressed to create a smooth curve. If you look to play him, you see what I mean.

Remember that carriers are created. These are the paths that follow the cut line and cut on vinyl. If youNeed an idea to start, shirt, paint a T-Sport with your name on the back. Draw a basketball on the front! This is a simple form.

Now that you have created the vector graphics is the first step for your T-shirt! The next steps are difficult and require you to have some 'a more expensive equipment. But do not worry! Save your images into a vector file is a local contact Custom T-Shirt Printing. If you do not have a closeare companies that do online. You can choose and send them your design and that will give you the desired T-shirt too.

Make your own T-shirt is really fun and rewarding when you wear them! Express yourself, make your own t-shirt and enjoy.

polo shirt T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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