How to fluff out a shirt

There have been half an hour before my interview in my apartment complex laundry room with my shirt covered only with lint. Towels in a dryer shed as Siamese cats, and unfortunately I had a couple shirts mixed with my load. There was not enough time to rewash my shirt and my interview so now how to remove lint from a shirt?

Already in 1956, a man named Nick McKay came up with a great idea, like a cardboard tube wrapped inBanda, and then the Lint was invented. Now I know that I have lint in my house and check my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom on the next article, I found it was a rolling pin. I have yet to find a towel to wash, but throw them in the basket, I have placed a towel under my bed, where I found the pivotal role required. Do not ask me because he was under the bed, but it gave me an idea. Well, I needed a roll of tape was found, but say if myApartment was not the most organized place in the world.

Some people have dedicated their office desk drawers with pencils, pens, paper and even band. In the top drawer of my desk computer, it is every piece of mail I have received since January of last year. My second drawer is included from any room in my house, scissors, butter knife, frames, roll mouse, CD cases and even an old pair of sandals. Because there is a pair of sandals in my computer desk, you ask?It 'the only place where I can put my feet do not end roommate. The last drawer did not contain any group, but both of my socks favorite content (for the same reason, such as sandals) and a small stack of notecards I made at school together with a box of plasters.

went with 20 minutes before my interview, I got all the patches in the box and pin them so much since I was able to roll with the adhesive on the outside. So I'm sitting in the middlethe living room, spread my shirt on the ground, rolling over the post, so t-shirt as I could help with the cover band. After a few minutes ago I checked my progress, only patches of fluff, where the center of the patch was not related to adhesive. In my roommate walks and hits her with a hairbrush. I had a better idea, why not empty? The brushes are getting faster, it can suck the lint and allow me to do my interview.

After convincing my roommate to keept-shirt to the ground, I started the second and the gap just before I rolled up my shirt, my brain has sent two messages. The first message was low in the hand and a push and only the emptiness of my shirt and another on the part of the brain that the human mind healthy. Unfortunately, the first message received before the second message. Needless to say I failed in my interview and now I'm looking for things at home that will help meRemove the shirt from the vacuum, because I can not find now, with a screwdriver.

polo shirt

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