Vinyl T-Shirts – Shirts Make Great at Home

Whether it's for the football team for children or the next family reunion, your t-shirt can be great fun and will save much money. There are many products on the market today so that your clothes. One of the most common types of vinyl available. The vinyl is applied to this process for a shirt with a heat. These types of vinyl are made for high quality and are now available, the user at home with machines such as theCricut.

As T-Shirt Vinyl works

There are several varieties of some vinyl T-shirt, but what we are discussing here is the most common and easiest to use for the home crafter. For our purposes here, I will speak Siser EasyWEED vinyl brand. This t-shirt vinyl sheet, composed of two parts, the same vinyl, and a transparent protective film.

The transparent protective film is presented as part of the vinyl ends and act as the transfer belt isregular vinyl sign. How this comes on the T-shirt vinyl, because it makes you do just the opposite. This card also protects the entire time the process of heat transfer.

Then there are the T-shirt vinyl. For Siser product is a thin plastic film, which seems to have no glue. The desired shape is cut out and a heat press or an iron is to enable this vinyl stickers. The heat and pressure to assimilate in your vinyl Garment. When the heat transfer is completed, the protective layer is removed and the vinyl is then applied to the head.

T-Shirt Vinyl Application

Ideally, you need a Cricut machine or something to cut the vinyl. This allows you to make the desired shape, or writing and have a piece of the coating. In this way keeps everything well aligned.

This type of vinyl is designed for commercial and professional> T-shirt making. The pros will hit with a device called a heat. It 's like a kind of waffle you put your shirt inside these devices are wonderful, but not very practical for someone to do some T-shirts at home.

For the home user and the ordinary iron great work. Set the iron on the development of cotton. It is about 300 degrees. Siser for this product is ideal. Then the body's iron will in which the vinyl. This will remove moisture andFolds. Place the vinyl on the pressure garment and stops with the iron. It only takes about 10-15 seconds to get the T-shirt vinyl garment attached. Check the transparent protective layer. You now have a project completed.

T-shirt Vinyl Care

This vinyl is designed specifically for clothing. So, of course, washed away too. While vinyl is very strong, is still a little 'complicated. Since the processTo attach the vinyl including heat, is not a good idea to wash them in hot water and dry on high settings. Siser recommends that the clothes are washed in cold water with this vinyl, tumble dry on low and turn his head in and out during the cycle.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt T-shirt

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