5 steps to create custom templates to transfer T-Shirt

If you want to design standout from the crowd with a great looking T-shirt you can go online at any time and spend top dollar, but it is likely that they are not always the design that you really want, or sometimes top dollar for your budget. Another option is to go home great looking t-shirt design from the comfort of your own, using your printer and your whole budget. This not only saves money, but in reality your creativityT-shirt with an exciting there's really no alternative.

5 steps to create your own design T-shirts with your inkjet printer:

1. Prepare T-shirt to apply a vacuum your design – If you're not sure which brand is good for the designs of T-shirt, consider an original American Gildan. suitable for fantastic T-shirt transfers for the neck and shoulders recorded for a very long life style, double-stitched for durability andQuarter-point to the printing surface seamlessly rotated.

2. Find the perfect image transfer – download the image to your computer safe and the quality is high, the image pixels and the picture is not that you can use. Not only images can be applied to your shirt, also use text editor or Word can be used to their message on the t-shirt.

3. Choose from 3 different types of T-shirt transfer – the leaves are also known as Iron-On Paperclear or white T-shirt for dark or black T-shirt and shiny leaves for a single party to search for available.

4. Correctly set your printer – For select HP printers iron on paper (paper can be special, see below), printers, select Epson Plain tick Flip to create the image, a mirror, a select Canon printer to Iron on / T Shirt Lexmark printers and paper chooses to iron. For most printers to print the image must be in mirror mode for printingAnd 'the right way on the t-shirt. The "iron" or ways T-shirt that automatically creates a mirror image and you can even use the printer manufacturer's website for model specific instructions, if you're not sure.

5. Accept the transfer paper t-shirt – a hot iron with a 1200W min Listed with the highest temperature, place the T-shirt on a hard surface stable, as a work surface or table strong, but not a card you must have a pressure contact with the paper.Now cut that image transfer paper, so that a maximum of 1-2 cm border around the image and all the iron-on transfers for a few seconds to solve the problem on the t-shirt and then iron systematically throughout cycle of small transfers of spending 50-10 seconds in each position.

For the long-term results of washing the T-shirt transfers, move from the inside out, with maximum temperature 40 ° C full of spiders and avoid detergents containing bleachMaterials.

polo shirt T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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