How to choose a shirt collar

Although sometimes it may seem that the collar is not a terribly important part of a tailored shirt, the fact is that a collar can make or break a shirt. The collar is not only a part of your shirt, it helps to frame the face . If the collar is wrong it can drastically change your appearance from what you want.

Types of collars

Straight Collar – The straight collar is the simplest type of collar found in shirts.It extends on a diagonal under the chin, and there is a gap of about 2 ½ to 3 inches between the ends. For this reason the average person to meet their body type and face in order. The spread is small enough that it is acceptable to not wear a tie is.

Kent Collar – A spread collar is a collar with a wider circulation of law found on the collar. About 3 inches is considered a spread collar: spreads can be up to about 6 cm. In general, men with wider or rounderFaces should avoid spread collars as it is this size or roundness of the face to emphasize.

Button-down collar

As the name suggests, button down collar is a collar that buttons on your shirt. Spread may vary, as with no collar buttons. And 'generally considered a less formal tie. For more formal occasions non-key tie with collar studs would be more appropriate.

Tab collar

The collar tab has spread very thin. His name becausebehind the tie knot, there is a record of supporting the collar edges together just behind the tie knot is .. This tends to tie the knot tie is pressed and do some 'other most prominent collar. Lean men, men with long necks and large men in front are often not well with tab collars on their shirts.

Rounded or Club Collar

The round collar, the collar is also known as the Club, the most distinctive types of collar. While most collars have the rightThe edges are rounded edges of a rounded collar, as the name suggests. In general, the spread is very small and look a bit 'dumpy it.

Pinned Collar

A pinned collar is so named because a pin is used to bring the two sides of the collar together. The pen can be changed, so a little 'variety with the collar. The pin is attached to a rule with the tie knot, the tie is made even more pronounced in a similar way to the collar tab.

Choosing the right collarfor you

When choosing a collar, you want to choose a T-shirt not only makes you look good, but your face look too good. As mentioned in the discussion of types of collars, different collars will go differently with different faces. These are just rules of thumb, and do not always apply. Try several different collars, and see what you think best suits your face. Also look at how you must be formally. For formal situations a more formal as the collarThe round and pinned the collar may be required.

Copyright (c) 2008 Wes Fernley

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