Grateful Dead shirt variety

Looking for a Grateful Dead T-shirt? Do you know what you like on your T-shirt is likely to be able to find a tie dye shirt color you could dream in which, inclusive. And maybe do one of the logos used by the popular band. I will explain the four most popular logos used by the Grateful Dead and products.

"Steal Your Face" skull – probably the most famous logo of the band has used. This is theLogo, where a lightning bolt through the center of the skull. The colors red and blue in the back groun cutting photos into two parts. This is a classic logo and it looks great, like a shirt died.

Dancing Bears – These are also called as "Jer Bear. Often these fun and furry little teddy bears are very strong in color, almost a rainbow effect on it (but with cloves and odd colors). Here is a Grateful Dead T-shirts, takingonly a dancing bear or a collage of them.

Skeleton and Roses – The logo is exactly what it says. It contains a picture of a skeleton, decorated with white roses red. It has some very powerful images by mixing the two dramatic images.

Dancing Terrapins – "Taken from the" Terrapin Station, this dance turtles are very friendly and always found busting a move. Here you will find T-shirts, like album art or other variations of the turtle, only the limitedArtist imagination.

There are hundreds of varieties of Grateful Dead shirts to choose from. This includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, t-shirt with long sleeves, etc, etc, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. Take time to find what your character because it is a design for all the fans out there dead.


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