Men's Dress Shirt – Components and materials

Men's Dress Shirt is an English word for American T-shirt. There aa dress worn by men with a collar, a full opening of the collar and sleeves with cuffs. T-shirts are usually made of fabric and are usually worn under a jacket and tie.

1) Necklaces-
The primary indicator of a t-shirt is the collar. Collars are varied:
Spread Collar: bigger gap between the toes. A spread collar is flattering to many different tips, butthe round faces.
Straight-Point: V-shaped points of a straight point collar is the most common type, and are flattering to most faces.
Button-Down: compared to other employees. Formal shirt These are generally less soft cloth and pressed with less force.
Club: Round is known as a collar, the collar club short, with rounded tops and is very elegant.
Tab: a high collar with a small spread. The most flattering for people with longer necks.

The main difference between cuffs time they need to fix buttons or cuff links.
Overflow: these are also known as a button cuff, why close at least one key.
French or twin: a French cuff or double cuff tissue is long and folds. These are fitted with cufflinks or silk knots.
Convertible: Convertible cuffs can be closed with buttons or cuff links.

3) Pocket
man's shirt with two breast pockets lessformal. Botton-down shirts with a collar are more likely to have a bag.
Shirts with vests or harnesses worn must not have pockets, like the chest appear cumbersome.

1) Cotton
Cotton breathes well and can be very soft for a comfortable fit. Bright colors look great for a long time.
2) linen
linen shirts also breathing very well what they wear is best for the summer. Wrinkles easily.
3) cloth-
A material with a tightly woven silkTexture. worsted fabric has a shiny surface.
4) Poplin
Made from 100% cotton poplin fabric has a horizontal rib effect and can be a bit 'more expensive.
5) Oxford
A couple of guys from Oxford weaves are available, but in general, an Oxford is woven from a heavier yarn, so you have a strong structure.
6) Twill
The trees of the diagonal body makes it ideal for a solid color shirt.
7)-cotton blends
If all other fibers in cottonYou can take advantage of both fibers. For example, a stretch cotton lycra blend of polyester-cotton blends and used wrinkle much.

A material should be selected according shirt. Whether it's cotton, poplin, twill, oxford, linen or cloth. Even after the federal-type (Club, knight, right-point.etc), cuffs, cuff buttons and pockets to weather or a more or less formal look.

T-shirt Polo shirt T-shirt polo shirt

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