4 styles of business shirt collar

What you wear shirt collars depends on the size of the body, the length of the neck, the shape and size of the head, both your personal style and the dress code of your industry.

The button is classic but classically used improperly. This is a casual style shirt. The keys are to prevent the collar that fly in the face when playing polo or charging the enemy on horseback. Button down shirts are perfect under sweaters and tweed sportstweed jacket with a tie or leave, but when silk ties, move their brothers dressed down.

The straight collar is the classic, suitable for every shirt is better prepared, with ties and suits. Only about a man, the necklace has released a 3-inch point to point. Plan for the coupling of a 4-in-hand tie knot with this collar are the proportions are right. This is a conventional, traditional, elegant and fully adequateSelection for any occasion.

Later the fashion has seen the spread of collar T-shirt designer for several years. The size from point to point closer to 4 inches. This collar can be worn either by choice of style, or if the man has the neck of a larger scale bigger. a Windsor or half Windsor – would be nice to be in harmony with his tie knotted bigger.

The distribution of all or English Cutaway Collar is the "fashion" The spread could this fourth 5 inches or more. Someyounger men like these two with the new slim suits and narrow ties.

There are many options beyond some basic features such as collar or collars equipped with grommets for rods based. Some collars can be decided, will be in balance with support, for example, a collar with two buttons would be a tall man with a long neck, very nice balance.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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