Men's shirt collar – Choosing the right shirt collar for your face

There are 15 types of neck shirts for men, how to choose the right kind of shirt collar to match your face? A shirt collar of the face and brings out the man in front of a hidden force and irregularities. It can be said of the shirt collar with three main types of necklaces and other types of collars are three main types of derivatives.

Anatomy of a collar

We must first understand the make> Collar.

Point collar

The point is perhaps the most popular type of collar for shirts. With this type of "points" are closer. The point is that for a man with rounded features. The long neck also helps to have the appearance of the face. If you have a thin face, you should avoid this, as this will accentuate the face thing.

The types of collar point:

Classical point – has a 3 / 4 inches square with a length of tieabout 2 3 / 4 inches.
Narrow Straight Point – contains an even smaller distance between the points, the points are closer to 3 1 / 2 inches. This makes a round face look less awkward.
Button-down point – the type of collar button to point to the T-shirt. This is the less formal than a shirt and a tie can be worn without. E 'considered a faux pas, if you leave the buttons buttoned.

The cutaway These types of distribution or of men's shirts to allow moreExpose the upper, T-shirt. It also allows for bonds as large as the Windsor knot. This type accented broader front, it is ideal for men face subtle or more, to make them more proportional. Men with round faces should avoid spread collars or split. Here are the types of glue spread:

Average spread – such as the collar point, only widely available. You can not go wrong with this type of collar.
Classic spread – which is also atraditional collar, this type especially for men or thin men in front of small bone recommended.
diffusion or curves – with this expansion has been increased to 3 1 / 2 inches. A man must be certain that this type of collar looks at food as and when this kind of necklace does not suit everyone.


Two other types that you can not see are the card and the pin collar. The card contains a small tab that extends from the center of each point. The points are then fixedtogether, a hook and loop behind the tie. This prompted the link to the front and top, showing nodes processed. The driver is for men with long necks. The pilot should never be worn without a tie.

The pen contains small holes for each point. This allows a decorative pin or bar behind the nodes which also induces the tie up and forward. This provides additional decoration to the collar. This guy should never be worn without a tie, how to leave holes and gapsA flutter. This species is not new for everyone.

Which should I choose?

polo shirt T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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