Iron a shirt

Ironing is not perhaps the most exciting of the housework, but it is an important skill to learn if it is not possible to someone else who can do for you!

The rule of good news is that, like most of the repetitive work, as soon as you arrive in the bar, it only takes a few minutes to iron shirts.

First, you really need a good iron, a, a steam and spray can as iron.

Unbutton your shirt, freshly washed and turn the iron on the firerecommended setting as on the head. When the instructions on the shirt board is therefore recommended to iron the shirt to be ironed on the inside, otherwise make sure that the shirt was shot in the right way.

If the iron is hot, and starting with the collar, instead of the t-shirt on the ironing board, and run the iron over the collar. To avoid burning your shirt, you should not always be the surface of the iron on the fabric for more than a fewSeconds.

Next, pull the top of a shirt sleeve on the table and the back of the shirt and the top of the sleeve is flat on the table and iron this area, the sleeve, followed by the same area, on the other.

To iron the sleeves lying on the table, parallel to the edge of the table, with the seam on the bottom and fold up. From the middle of the sleeve in the direction of the work of iron and then fold in the direction of the cuff. Then back to the work of othersBy the way, before the iron sheath on both sides. Then open the iron collar, the other before repeating the process of fish.

The hard part over, it's time to go to the body des shirt flat on the table with the federal government over the round end of the board to end, and parallel to the front board to board up close. Iron this part of the long t-shirt, regular movements, and then move with the mesh so that the nextUN-be ironed by the Board. Iron and then once again, have ironed shirt to all of you.

At the end, hanging on a hanger, with the top button closure, to keep them until you wear them.

Remember – be careful with the iron and hold it at its end, while the assembly of the clothes on the board.

polo shirt T-shirt T-shirt Polo shirt

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