Men's Shirts – Understanding the effect of contrast on the choice of colors and seasons

The first thing he notices is a person on a shirt color. In a crowded room of suits, the shirt will be your choice of colors can be seen with or into, the key here is, what are your intentions and do not know how to combine the suits against them. The only way to do this is to mastery in understanding 1) what color shades compliment and 2 gain), as the same colors that you structure your environment. The purpose of this article is toBoth begin to understand.

The role of your complexion, hair and eye color

A man in complexion, hair color and eye color are the key indicators used to select the color of a substance, which should cover his body. Unfortunately, the majority of black men who wore their decision in the past on the basis of color readily accessible, and the winds of changing fashion. The result is what you see today, a sea of solid white shirts and blue. The twoimportant factors in choosing the color of the shirt of a man skin tone and hair color. Eye color is a wild-card factor in cases where the skin tone and eye color in sharp contrast of color and human hair, can be used to display the colors that would not otherwise have introduced a single compliment. It 's the relationship between these three factors, which, unlike category is a man determined to a high, low, medium or contrast

Men's High Contrast

In a nutshell,These are people whose hair color is a stark contrast with the color of skin, hair, blacks with white skin is a perfect example. For men with high contrast, the key to looking good is to be able to mimic this color difference in their clothing with the contrast in their facial area. A dark blue with a white shirt and a suit of coal, ice blue shirt are two combinations that compliment the men with high contrast. In general, light-colored shirts with dark suits and dark ties / vibratingbright dresses. dark shirts with light can be made in form, but it takes skill to draw from. High Contrast Shirt are always accompanied by strong ties, are from.

Low Contrast Men

As the name suggests, these men are subjected to a presence. light hair and light skin is the most common variant, but men with red hair, bald men, and men with little hair loss in this category. The strengths of these men are the exact opposite ofhigh contrast men above. Low contrast men should look at a black and white, as a strong contrast with that dress is easy to overcome their muted tones. Remember, the purpose of a frame (clothing), the image (face) is to improve. In general, men with low contrast and dark blue shirts fair and earth tones combined with dark suits. When wearing light gray or beige clothing, men must remain low contrast with lighter colored shirts and earth tones, white is permissible hereif the dress is light enough to avoid a major conflict. Be careful in the choice of the tie when the neck-wear is too much attention from your face can pull on the chest and abdomen.

Contrast medium men

If you are not in one of two extremes, they are likely to fit into this group. Brown leather with dark-haired men are members of the community, together with light skin and women with gray hair and white. With such a wide gamut of colors and facial hair, it is difficultto give special instructions in this category. What we will say that most men do not fit exactly in the middle, but they tend to be low or high contrast. Men over the dark hair with brown skin, tend to be high contrast and can not use color combinations that only people, but you can with a couple of subtle monochromatic combinations. The same with the light-skinned men with gray hair. He is more like the individual low-contrast anddo well to follow the rules for this man. However, he can successfully pull off a contrasting outfit, especially when the eyes or other characteristics of the color combination chosen compliment. To sum up, the men enjoy the contrast for the best of both worlds, but must be careful when too far in one direction.

The role of the seasons

It should be noted that, even if your natural colors are the dominant factors in determining what color clothes you shouldbear, are not the only things that should be followed in order. The Dandy is also attention to the seasons, taking into account the effect of the colors around him for the ensemble has collected. dark suit and dark T-shirt that you have to choose, you can see magnificent, but at a wedding in the summer, it was not only hot, but they differ from the collar like a sore thumb. Let's take a quick look at the seasons and their colors. Call


The season of rebirth, this is where we, lavender, pink, and blue light. lighter fabrics are dusted off from its winter sleep, and a man would speak of himself in colorful plaids and stripes, wear a compliment.


For a time, light and bright colors dominate the scene. Gold striped shirts, red checks, and of course a wide variety of solid blue and patterns, the graceA well-dressed man's wardrobe. 100% cotton, linen and silk are popular choices because of their material qualities of moisture.


earth tones and heavier fabrics are starting to make their appearance. Clothing on a rather gloomy, with the start of cooler weather held, and now with the colder climate is a good time to wear the mixtures. Its protective qualities of heat are well captured in a cold night withoutCoat.


The dark colors and heavy fabrics like flannel make their appearance. You can liven up your wardrobe a bit 'with a rose or corn in Oxford, but in winter is the season that you want to spread your money's worth from the tissue, to get warm. forest green and brown tones are stable during this time of year.

It 'important to remember that trust is important to look at those, it looks great. When people look at you a bit 'longer than usual, it is necessaryof confidence in knowing that your equipment, because you look at the well (as opposed to looking that bad!). Our advice is to gather the courage to himself, and from this knowledge, choose colors that best compliments you as an individual.

T-shirt Polo shirt

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