Using these rules for mixing shirt and tie models effectively

So you think you are a professional when it comes to matching ties with shirts in plain solid colors, huh? You're thinking, but I can guarantee that they are not. Come with all the latest trends in recent years is pushing a mix-and-match approach, you must be constantly upgraded to first corner mixing stripes and patterns.

Most of us just play safe and opted for shirts with coordinating solid striped tie. Wearing nothing but a little 'toothe very limit. Look around and you rarely see a guy just trying something different than the norm, or simply buy what stores to tell them why it works for your business.

Fortunately for these missing men learn to combine interesting shirts and ties, is not as difficult as it seems. Just a few simple rules. It could not be easier. Here are some tips before you shirt and tie around each of you:

RepeatColors in any pattern – With this advice, it is best if you choose the shirt, then select a tie the color of the shirt. Choose a tie with the accents, using the same dominant color of the shirt. If your shirt is dark with a lighter, finer, nutmeg color strips and the background of the tie with small pink, brown, art nouveau print, then this combination of brown and a pink silk shirt is a perfectExample of this rule.

The art of skillfully combining a plaid shirt with a tie evidence to the contrary is a way to get a second look – Graduate extract. The rule of fashion is to always wear smaller checked prints on your body than on the shirt and save The biggest checks for the tie. Pay attention to the colors, because your shirt and tie, a palette of colors to be similar. Leave a combination of T-shirt in plaid with pumpkin-small, thin controlsblends perfectly with a navy silk tie with stripes, and its larger control. Do not forget to keep the pants in the same general color scheme.

Weights between different models – The last thing you want is to wear two-tone models, all with the same size. It is to look busy and confusing. Opt instead for a clean look, with a single piece with a model chunkier than the other. Use a classic shirt with thin gray stripes and white as an example ofthis. Use a silk tie bright and bold with a gray background. The combination gives your outfit a football shirt otherwise subdued.

Use smaller with larger samples – There is a fantastic combination endless opportunities that you wear when you try, as soon as possible. If you have the tie and shirt, two completely different models, follow this rule, for a truly remarkable and fresh look. Choose a T-shirt with a small model and a tie with a larger one forExample. The most colors, but not so much in the time that this rule has the same color family or remain neutral.

T-shirt Polo shirt polo shirt

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